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faux hawks.




My foot is asleep. That is all.

guess what?

i’m still tired. 


i woke up feeling tired.  not in the press snooze for an hour kind of way.  no.  i had this realization some time in between dreams that i have allowed my mind to become terribly out of shape, exhausted, lazy.  maybe its because i am fast approaching thrity.  this milestone is forcing me to reevaluate and reflect.  today’s epiphany is that i have lost what it means to feel passionate.  sure, i weep genuine tears when the meth addict on intervention agrees to accept treatment.  my heart fills with inexplicable double rainbows when i scroll through images of furry puppies and sleeping kittens.  but these are visceral emotions.  i need to rebuild that place in myself where i used to hoard the many possibilities i forsaw for myself and the energy to execute however unfocused and haphazard it was.  i want to be able to tell someone definitely these are the things i love, these are the things i hate, these are the things i am giving myself the opportunity to explore.  i guess i will start here. 

looks like summer, smells like summer, tastes like summer.


this is a short film i co-wrote and directed with my friend sean.  another mutual friend, jon d, composed the music for it.  this project was for a competition you tube was sponsoring for director, jason reitman.  the guidelines were that we include a few key phrases of dialogue like “what is the meaning of these shenanigans!”.  Also, we had to include a scene where a photograph was passed between two characters.  needless to say, we did not win the competition.  but i had a lot of fun working on this with a bunch of our mutual friends!


wats up?

hello there